Comment On Any Website

Commenter.meTM is a free and easy-to-use browser tool that allows you to comment on any website you visit with just one click.

The Bookmarklet

Comment on Any Website, Here is the bookmarklet:

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To add the button to your browser, just drag it to your to your bookmarks toolbar. Your bookmarks toolbar is a bar at the top of your browser where you save your favorites. If you don’t see your bookmarks toolbar, you can activate it in your browsers settings.  Instructions.

No Download, No Installation, No Sign Up!

The Button is a bookmarklet so there is nothing to download.

There is no software to install so there is no risk of viruses or unwanted toolbars.

It takes seconds to add the bookmarklet to your browser, and it is just as easy to remove. With most browsers, you can just drag the bookmarklet onto your bookmarks toolbar.

Why Use

  • Comment on any web page on the internet with just one click!
  • See what other people are saying about the pages you visit.
  • Comment on youtube videos even if comments for that video are disabled.
  • Comment on facebook photos even if you dont have rights to comment on that photo within facebook.
  • are Free and Easy to Use and you dont have to download any software.

How to Use

Once you have the Bookmark installed, all you have to do is browse to a web page that you want to comment on, then click the button!

No Download

The Button is a bookmarklet so there is nothing to download.

No Sign Up uses facebook and other existing social networks so you dont have to sign up. And the best part is, you wont have to sign up to other websites to comment on them once you have on your browser.

Easy Removal

You can remove in one click

To Remove from your browser, Just right-click it and select delete! – All traces of will be removed!