Mortgage Tools

InterestBLOCKER™ is a personal financial management and debt elimination solution.

Official Site: One Life Financial

The purpose of this revolutionary software is to help your household take the first steps to overcome whatever financial challenges you may be facing today in our ever changing economy.InterestBLOCKER™ is specifically designed to help you understand your financial “picture” of where you stand today. And then, assists to forecast what’s possible for your financial future to get you on the path of least Interest.

The tools for success

InterestBLOCKER™ will help you take control of your entire financial lifestyle. With money saving strategies to help you best allocate your BUDGET, you will end up with more money in your pocket and less being bleed away to unnecessary interest payments  each month. Understanding what’s coming in and going out each month is the first step towards financial freedom.

Fail to plan, Plan to fail

Financial problems are the leading cause of divorce, and emotional stress that ultimately manifest into physical ailments. Most people don’t know where to begin to take control. InterestBLOCKER™ will help you take those first steps to create and evaluate the optimal financial future for your household. By doing this, your stress will be reduced and your health, emotional outlook, and wellbeing will all improve.

Take control and eliminate ALL your debts

Using the My-InterestBLOCKER tabs, you will learn what debts are costing and what you can do with the money in your household to reduce the amount of interest you are paying each and every month. Before making any large future purchases run your “what if scenario” to evaluate the true cost of taking on the purchase and if the purchase is one that should even be made.

Savings made easy. . .

InterestBLOCKER™ helps you plan towards future purchases or bank balance milestones. With income reserves in the bank, your household will be prepared for any financial emergency and have reserve funds for that special something you’ve always wanted.