SEO Toolbar 2.0

Free Toolbar For Webmasters

The SEO toolbar is an easy-to-use browser toolbar designed to give you all the powerful webmaster and SEO tools you will ever need.

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Grab the bookmarklet Now!

To Grab The Bookmarklet, make sure you can see your favorites/bookmarks bar in your browser. If you don’t see your bookmarks bar, you can activate it in your browsers settings. Then simply drag the below blue box labeled “SEO Toolbar” up to your bookmarks.

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Detailed Installation Instruction Here

The Power of The SEO Toolbar allows anybody to quickly and Easily take full control of their web experience!

A Powerful Toolbar that is Safe and Easy to Use

Innovations.TV is proud to bring you the most powerful SEO toolbar on the market. Our SEO Toolbar is free and easy to add to any browser.

Why Use The SEO Toolbar?

  • The SEO Toolbar lets you do advanced SEO research with just one click
  • You can use the SEO Toolbar on any webpage and research your competition.
  • The SEO Toolbar helps you identify problems with your website that might be preventing you from scoring higher in Google search results.
  • The SEO tool bar is safe and easy to use, and if you dont like it you can remove it completely with just one click.
  • The SEO tool bar always completely Free.

If You Like It, Link To Us (The Fun Way):

1. In the active SEO Toolbar on the top of this page, click Links -> Make HTML Link.
2. A new window will appear and automatically generate HTML links that you could Copy.

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No Download, No Software, No Sign Up!

The SEO Toolbar is a bookmarklet so there is nothing to download or install so there is no risk of getting a virus or spyware installed.

The SEO Toolbar only appears when you request it by clicking the bookmark, so you will never have a lingering unwanted toolbar taking up your screen real estate. The SEO Toolbar automatically hides itself when you navigate away from the page your are analyzing, so it is the complete opposite of intrusive.

It takes seconds to add the SEO Toolbar to your browser, and it is just as easy to remove. With most browsers, you can just drag the bookmarklet onto your bookmarks toolbar.


  • Google Page Rank
  • Site Search
  • Site Image Search
  • Quick Find Pages
  • Find Indexed Pages
  • Google Keyword Rank
  • Site Map Viewer
  • Robots.txt Viewer
  • Compete Analyzer
  • Alexa Analyzer
  • Google Trends
  • SEO Checkup
  • Open Site Explorer
  • IP Address Lookup
  • WhoIs Lookup
  • Meta Data Viewer
  • Cookie and Header Viewer
  • Image Alt Tag Checker
  • SpriteMe Image Optimizer
  • Page Speed Test
  • Social Network Share Counter
  • View As Spider
  • Cached Page Viewer
  • Archived Page Checker
  • HTML Validator
  • CSS Validator
  • Spell Check
  • Back Links Checker Tools
  • Google Back Links
  • Bing Back Links
  • Majestic SEO Report
  • Directory Listing Checker
  • No Follow Links
  • Links Checker Tool
  • Word Counter
  • Keyword Density Report
  • Keyword Highligher
  • Headings Viewer
  • Emphasized Phrases Report
  • Reaction Keyword Analytic
  • Google Keyword Rank
  • Google Insights
  • Sharing Tools
  • Debug and Design Tools
  • And More…

How to Use The SEO Toolbar

Once you have the SEO Toolbar installed on your browser, all you have to do is browse to a web page that you want to analyze, then click the SEO Toolbar button. This will open a the SEO Tools toolbar at the top of the page and allow you to select from a range of tasks related to the web page you are currently on.

No Download

The SEO Toolbar is nothing more than a bookmark in your browser so there is nothing to download.

No Sign Up

You don’t need to sign up to use the SEO Toolbar. Just drag the bookmarklet to your browsers bookmarks or favorites bar and start using it right away. The tool bar is completely free!

Easy Removal

You can remove the SEO Toolbar in just one click

To remove the SEO Toolbar from your browser, Just right-click it and select delete! – All traces of The SEO Toolbar will be removed!