Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is the art of driving traffic to your website by making your website appear at the top of the search results page the popular search engines Google, Bing, Alta Vista and

SEO campaigns are proven to give the highest long-term ROI of any marketing money spent. A good SEO campaign will continue to improve your web presence and drive traffic to your website because the campaign will include a permanent link-back strategy and social network integration that can propagate through the social web for many years.

Keywords – What are Your Customers Searching?

A solid Search Engine strategy is based on the keywords that you will want to compete for.   Some keywords will take a lot more investment to appear at the top of Google because they are in a more competitive market.  For example, you may find yourself in an uphill battle if you want to appear #1 on google for the keyword “loan” or “real estate”

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of a proper SEO campain.  The goal is to find keywords and search phrases that you can compete for to drive traffic to your site.  Keywords are chosen by comparing local or global search volume for various phrases and finding profitable niches with less competition that will be easy to compete for.

Onsite SEO -Website Structure

SEO campaigns with the best results are created by implementing a number of strategies that work in unison to build up your website traffic. The most important foundation of SEO is your website structure.

Your website should have a URL structure that is easily indexed by the web crawlers that search engines use to build up their database of results.  This should be done from the beginning of your project because changing URLs later on can actually cost your search result rank.

An important part of your site structure is the internal links and menus that users will click to navigate the various pages on your website. A good linking strategy will highlight keyword text to help guide search engines to properly sort your content.

Every page on your website has a title, and hidden keywords and description tags.  These fields should be optimized for the search keywords that you are competing for, but avoid spamming keywords. The description field will often be used in search results a the summary under your link, so make sure it is inviting to your leads.

The goal is to communicate to the web spiders exactly what the page is about, while promoting the keywords you are competing for.  The more the search engine can understand about your website, the better it can index it.

Link Strategy

The main factor most search engine algorithms use to rank a page is based on the links that point to that page.  Search engines consider a link to a page as a vote for that page, and the link text is the phrase that it is optimizing for. So a link like this: Gold Price is a vote for the web page for the keywords “gold price”

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