Toronto Rentals SEO

Toronto Rentals SEO Campaign

Official Site: Toronto Rentals

The SEO experts at Innovations.TV were hired to manage the Search Engine Optimization Campaign and we have successfully planned and implemented a stable and resilient local Search Engine strategy to maintain high ranking for rental related keywords.


The keywords used in the Toronto Rentals SEO Campaign:

  • Toronto Rentals
  • Toronto Apartments
  • Toronto Apartments for Rent
  • Apartments in Toronto
  • Rentals in Toronto
  • Apartments for Rent (local search)

The SEO Campaign

The SEO strategy touches on every aspect of good search engine campaigns. The search engine optimization includes:

  • Keyword Research and Discovery
  • Web Application Upgrades for SEO
  • Content Development
  • SEO friendly URL updates
  • 301 redirects for relocated content
  • User-generated content strategy
  • Back-Link Campaign
  • Titles, Meta Tags, Keywords, Page Descriptions,  Link-Text
  • Google Adwords Campaign Management

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